7. 15.15 (originally posted 8.17.11)  Enter into my rest
7.15.15 (originally posted 11.20.11) Rest In God 
8.5.15 (originally posted 2.22.12) Sabbath Rest: Bringing God's Presence to Earth
9.13.15 (originally 4.25.12)  Finding Rest in God’s Faithfulness

5.01.12 Resting in God’s Glory

5.04.12 Resting in the Passion of Rabbi Jesus

8.02.12 Finding Rest in Mt. Moriah

8.29.12 Finding Rest In God: Trees of Righteousness

8.30.12 Finding Rest in the Goodness of God in the face of evil

9.03.12 Finding Rest in the Psalms

10.09.12 Finding Rest in Torah

1.07.15 Just One Word

6.23.15 Soul-searching and finding rest

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