Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Holy Place Part I: The Table of Shewbread

This Bread 

As I walk through the curtains I see a Table set
I see the golden glowing crown of it and yet
I am afraid to approach, for this Bread is not for me
So why do I feel so drawn to it this I cannot see

I see on the table the cups and bowls of gold
The drink and the Bread these vessels hold
Yes I see the Bread it is so divine
The precious body of my Saviour—it is mine

This Bread of Life will fill me up I will not hunger again
Every day I will come and eat He did not suffer in vain
Because of this Bread I will grow to know Him more and more
For by this Bread He stands and knocks He is at the door

This Bread that He has given us it is to give us strength
It will make you strong and able to go for a great length
The more you eat the more about Himself He reveals

This Bread washes me and renews me every day
It shows me what my Savior will do and say
This Bread He gives it is like a sword
For the Bread reminds us of the Body of our Lord 

By Piper Green 
© 2003-2015. All Rights Reserved.

The two make their way to the Table of Shewbread. However, Sarah is distracted by his face; he looks different to her. He appears young, but wisdom pours from him like oil poured from a vessel. His face is strong yet caring and gentle. He radiates peace that has the power to comfort even the most discouraged of souls. Love pours from him like a cool spring of water. She sees him in a new light; the Lampstand illuminates him to her in a new way.

The joyful ones are partaking of the Bread and as each one finishes eating, they disappear only to reappear with fresh Bread, which they place on the table. Once finished, they are able to continue. He motions her to the table to eat; miraculously, there is room for as many as will come. As she approaches, the fragrant aroma of the Bread coupled with the frankincense permeate her senses. Sarah reaches the table—everyone else has gone; she notices the table void of chairs. He perceives her thoughts and speaks in a voice she had not heard before, “The priests are never to sit down because their work is not done.” The continued lingering of the undecided became a burdensome distraction; her heart broke for each of them. She hopes they will change and make the decision to partake of the Bread, she can sense their discouragement and her heart is heavy for them.

The table is stunning; it is crafted from acacia wood overlaid with gold. The pure gold crown of the table shines in the light of the Lampstand, which creates a majestic display with the Bread of Presence. The rings and poles, plates, cups and all the vessels, crafted in gold, fashion a room so magnificent it would take the breath of even the bravest warrior. On the table is placed twelve loaves of Bread. Each loaf represents one of the Twelve Tribes of Israel; upon each loaf the priest carefully sprinkles frankincense, and the rest is poured on the Altar of Incense. The aroma is captivating. Sarah looks at the door and rejoices, so many are coming; they are crying and hungry and need Bread. Some try to push their way past the table through the veil; he does not allow them.

He says to Sarah, “Eat I know you are hungry. This will give you the strength you need to make it the rest of the way through. This Bread is in the very presence of God. When you eat this Bread, remember that God wants to dwell with you; and fellowship with you in His presence.” The Bread melts in her mouth like warm butter; as she eats, scales fall from her eyes. The Bread is healing; she can feel a warmth flow through her body like a stream. She does not know what the warmth is, but she feels different. Though she has not been ill she feels healed. Words cannot describe how she feels.

The Bread is opening her eyes to God; Sarah’s father teaches her family God’s Law—it is not to depart their lips. Somehow, after eating the Bread, she possesses a new understanding of the Law. She has a renewed love for God; she wants to obey His Law, not because it is required, but out of her love for Him; she truly wants to. “Lord I purpose in my heart to follow your Law and keep it for the rest of my days.” Tears well up in her eyes; tears of joy and happiness. She looks up at him; she knows him. She knows his name; she knows...this is Judah. As she heads for him, her attention is drawn to a young woman kneeling on the ground crying just inside the curtain to the Holy Place. Apprehensive and unsure of herself, Sarah, moves with compassion, walks over to her; the young woman reminds Sarah of herself when she began the journey. She kneels down and asks her why she is crying. “I don’t know which way to go! I don’t know what to do. I want to know God but I don’t know where to begin. I have come this far but I fear I have lost my way.” Sarah can see the despair deeply engraved in her face, “I will show you.”

Judah calls to Sarah. His voice captures her as if she is under a spell. She walks to Him and He says, “The space where you ate is now empty, you must replace the Bread.” She inquires, “What about these empty spaces?” “No.” He answers. “You only need to replace the Bread you eat. It is for the others to replace the Bread they eat.” She turns and locks her gaze on the young woman. “For her?” He smiles. Sarah leads her to the table, places the Bread in front of her, “This Bread will reveal the Messiah to you. It will give you the strength you need to make the rest of the journey.” Sarah continues to teach her everything she has learned thus far. “We must go Sarah.” She knowingly looks at Judah and renders one last encouragement, “I must go, but you will be fine, just eat the Bread.” Sarah joins Judah to continue their journey. “You have done well Sarah; I am pleased that you helped her instead of being only concerned for yourself.” “Keep it for myself? I could not, she reminds me so much of myself when I began my journey, I would have despaired had I been left alone. So few are willing to come as far as she did; she did not want to give up, and I had to help her.” Judah is delighted by her compassion. “You have already learned so much, let us continue on. You will need the strength of that Bread for the rest of the journey.”

 By Piper Green 
© 2003-2015. All Rights Reserved.

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